Just Write (it’s going to suck sometimes)

One of the great things about thinking about the world being a great big disc instead of, say, an actual sphere, is that it opens up a whole realm of story possibilities.  I’m not sure that I’ve read any stories based on a flat world.  So here a couple off the top of my head:

A quest to reach the edge of the world.  A pioneering band of friends sets out to reach the great wall of Antarctica, climb its face, and trek across the top to find what happens when they reach the place where earth and space meet.

A trip to the moon and beyond.  By flat-earther calculations, the sun and moon are both only 3,000 miles above us, circling over the earth’s face.  Since space travel hasn’t been achieved yet, what with NASA conspiring the space race only to prove that we can beat the Soviets, no one has been in space.  No one knows how many more great discs of rock and sea are out there supporting life.

What’s on the bottom of earth?  What lies just underneath us?  What if one man decided to dig straight down, and he didn’t stop until he came out the other side?

The bizarro side.  The opposite place.  The bottom of the earth.  Who or what dwells there, and how do they compensate for a near-zero gravity existence?

I should probably have a love story somewhere on that list.  Then again, any one of them could have a little romance built right into it.  The point I’m trying to make is this.  Okay fine, the world may not be a flat disc.  It may be a sphere, or a triangle, or a huge 100-sided Dungeon and Dragons die.  But the ideas will come if you just sit down and write.  If you take a little time every day to let words flow from your mind down through your shoulders and arms and right out of the tips of your fingers, your own voice will shine through all the other noise.  Whether you’re typing on the keyboard of your mom’s old laptop or writing longhand into a spiral bound notebook, writing is the practice of giving your words a personality all their own.  It is an essential element of becoming the writer you want to be.


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