Why I’m Writing this Blog

I started this blog to be a brainstorming place.  Somewhere I could spitball ideas, kick around the random thoughts in my head, and divert me from the regular pressures of writing, studying, and my day job.  I’m generally an anxious person, and though I try to come off as cool and level-headed, often I’m wracked with tension about writing, studying, and my day job.

I try to write as much as I can.  And by that I mean I think about writing a lot, and by 4 o’clock it’s time to pick up the kids and I haven’t done much writing at all.  There are many reasons for this, but a couple main ones that I’ll list here.

I’m self-conscious about what I write.  I’m afraid someone will read my words and think, “you know, that Chris, he really has no business writing about this.”  Even if it’s freehand into a notebook that I keep in my drawer that no one will ever read, I still think like this.

I’m a procrastinator.  I’ve spent most of life strategizing how to put off whatever work I have for as long as I possibly can without getting kicked out of school or fired from my job.  Yes, I realize this is a serious issue, and it’s one that I’ve been working to solve.  I’ve been relatively successful, but sometimes it’s still hard to win against thirty years of habit.

I’m currently studying for a promotion at my day job and the exam isn’t until August.  See above paragraph.

Work is the least of my worries, but it gets in the way of writing.  I work lots of nights, some overnights, and tend to sleep way less than my body craves.  Often I’m tired and cranky and I would rather curl up with a blanket under my desk than sit at it and write.

All that being said, here I go with my blog.  Let’s see what’s bouncing around my head.  Also, feel free to read my other blog  City Soldier.  It’s mostly fiction ideas and short stories, with a little bit of beginner poetry sprinkled around.


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