Sometimes I Pee in the Shower

Do you pee in the shower?  This is question the answer to which , for me, has been a very adamant no for most of my adult life.  All of my adult life, really.  Why pee in the shower when I almost unfailingly pass a toilet on my way in?  It’s never been an issue of sanitation.  It’s just simply been about the proper order of things.

Recently my opinion has taken a turn.  My profession requires me to sleep at work quite frequently (I may get into my day job during a later post).   Of course I’ll take a shower after sleeping at work in one of the two shower stalls, which are available for anyone else at my job to use.  The cleanliness of these stalls leaves so much to be desired so I try to minimize my time spent in them.

One recent morning I woke up late and, in my rush to get to my desk by a reasonably explainable time, I decided to postpone my morning pee until after my shower.  When I stepped into the shower and under the hot water, I learned something new about myself that had up to this point eluded me on my strict toilet first, shower second bathroom itinerary.  When I really have to go, the temperature change from cold bathroom to hot shower drastically increases my urge to pee.  Standing as I was in an already less than clean shower stall that I will at no point be responsible for cleaning, I decided – under extreme duress, mind you – to give myself the release.  I peed in the shower.

I must say, it was a tremendously liberating experience.  No longer was I bound by the unnatural shackles of aiming for a receptacle.  I worried not about dripping onto a rim.  I was free to expel the way my maker meant for me to expel – like a lion.  And what a glorious time it was.


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